Our next business meeting will be held on July, 23, 2012 at 6:30 pm at Ryan's Family Steakhouse, 2426 Laurens Rd in Greenville.

About the FOP

In 1915 two Officers from the Pittsburgh Police Department formed the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Today the FOP is the world's largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers with more than 324,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges nationally. The FOP is the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities.

The Grand Lodge is the main governing body of all FOP lodges. Each state has a state FOP lodge and local lodges serve under the state lodges. Through the Grand Lodge the FOP offers many services such as credit cards, insurance, investment brokers and travel services. In addition, the South Carolina FOP has a legal defense plan that covers members for civil, criminal, and administrative actions. The South Carolina FOP publishes a bi-annual magazine and the Grand Lodge publishes quarterly newspapers.

We employ a full time lobbyist in Washington, D.C. who works on national legislation and full time lobbyists here in South Carolina working on state legislation. Not only do we work for your benefits, but also we have available to our members the best legal defense plan. We also provide insurance policies of $5,000 for accidental death or up to $30,000 for line of duty death.

As a member of the FOP, you literally have brothers and sisters throughout the country. When traveling if you need assistance or just want to know where a good place to eat is in a particular town there are people eager and willing to help. As a member of the FOP you are assured a warm welcome as a visiting member.

Our Mission

To support and defend the Constitution of the United States; to inculcate loyalty and allegiance to the United States of America; to promote and foster the enforcement of law and order; to improve the individual and collective proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties; to encourage fraternal, educational, charitable and social activities among law enforcement officers; to advocate and strive for uniform application of the civil service merit system for appointment and promotion; to support the improvement of the standard of living and working conditions of the law enforcement profession through every legal and ethical means available; to create and maintain tradition of esprit de corps insuring fidelity to duty under all conditions and circumstances; to cultivate a spirit of fraternalism and mutual helpfulness among our members and the people we serve; to increase the efficiency of the law enforcement profession and thus more firmly to establish the confidence of the public in the service dedicated to the protection of life and property.

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Get Involved

In South Carolina, we have members that are part of the rank and file from almost every police organization within the state. Being a member of the South Carolina FOP, not only allows you an opportunity to get to know the other officers in your surrounding area, but also around the state. By being an active member, you get to be a part of the network of brothers and sisters that do that same job as you. We are all aware of the benefits of networking and having a contact to call when you need a hand. Being able to make that call to someone you know can be crucial in your personal or professional time of need.

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